Terms & Conditions – Signature Dressage & Manor Grange Stud

All: Events – Training sessions – Camps – Courses – Clinics – Activities – Hiring of facilities


1. No responsibility will be accepted by Signature Dressage, its associates, organisers, owners & venue Manor Grange Stud Show Centre its associates, organisers, owners, will not accept responsibility for anything that may happen to riders, their horses, property, helpers & spectators in connection with or arising from any event, training sessions, camps, courses, clinics, activities & hiring of facilities or use of. It will be considered a condition of application & attendance that each person agrees to indemnify Signature Dressage & Manor Grange Stud Show Centre its associates, organisers, owners against any legal action arising there from.
All applications must be made on the correct form available from Signature Dressage & are only accepted by post/email with the correct fee.
Any withdrawals should be made in writing/email to the organiser along with a vets/doctors note if applicable.
The fee covers all items as per the published information. Deductions are unable to be made for any individual.
Applications are accepted for one horse per rider. A second horse will be permitted if there is sufficient space. (Contact organiser for additional cost/charges)
All applications for camps, courses, clinics include a £50 deposit which is non refundable. The full amount must be paid with the application. Any WD’s that are made after the close of applications are only refundable if the applicant’s space can be filled (at the organiser discretion), minus the £50 deposit. Any WD’s made less than 72 hours prior to the start date are non refundable even if the place can be filled. Applications cannot be transferred.
An adult must accompany riders under 16 at all times.

2. RIDING HATS – Riders MUST wear a safety helmet with harness to the current standard as advised by the FEI – BD – BHS & must wear appropriate riding equipment whilst mounted.

3. COMPETITOR NUMBERS – All competitors MUST display their competition/bridle number at all times whilst mounted. Riders failing to comply will NOT be allowed into the collecting ring or competition arenas. Only horses that have entered the classes are allowed to use the facilities.

4. HEALTH & SAFTEY – Everything reasonably practicable has been done to ensure the health, safety & welfare of those who attend these events. Members of the public & competitors are equally responsible for ensuring that they do not put themselves or other persons at risk & that they co-operate with the organisers in compliance with Health & Safety legislation. It is recommended that all who attend take out personal injury & public liability insurance for themselves & their horses.

5. ENTERING THE SHOW GROUND – The gate leading to the horsebox park must be closed immediately after entry & exit.

6. HORSE BOX PARK – Please may we remind competitors that the horse box park is not a muck heap and we would appreciate your co-operation by clearing up after your horses including un-eaten hay! Either by putting all waste in the muck buckets provided or taking it home with you. DO NOT use the hedgerows as a muck heap!

7. LUNGEING & WORKING IN – No lunging allowed on site. Working in, must only take place in the collecting ring & NOT on the grass parking area!

8. TYING OF HORSES – In the interest of safety for all! Horses should not be left unattended when tied out side a horse box & cleared up thereafter! It is forbidden to tie a horse to any boundary fence, & to the inside or outside bars of the stables/temporary stables & walk ways, these areas must be kept clear at all times. NO ACCEPTIONS!

9. HORSES CAN BE DANGEROUS! Horses can easily be frightened & can be dangerous. Members of the public are requested to avoid using busy “horse” areas & must keep a safe distance at all times avoiding behavior which might alarm them. Children must be supervised by parent/guardians at all times.

10. COLLECTING RING – The collecting ring gate must be closed on entry & exit. A maximum number of competitors allowed in the collecting ring at any one time, will be at the show organiser’s discretion on the day. No children will be allowed in the collecting ring under the age of 16 years, unless they are on horseback. No Trainers or spectators are allowed in the warm up area / collecting ring. Any alterations to tack or equipment must be made outside the warm up area / collecting ring.

11. DOGS – We advise to leave your dogs at home! If you chose different, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that they are kept in the close proximity of your own vehicle & must be kept on a lead at all times & cleaned up after immediately!

NO DOGS are allowed anywhere else on the property (Guide dog’s allowed) & will be asked to be removed if this is ignored!

12. CHILDREN – It is your responsibility to ensure your child/children under the age of 16 are supervised by a parent or guardian at all times!


Thanking you for your understanding!