Mechanical Horse

Harry Junior! 15.2hh Black Gelding

The first riding simulator to have 5 speeds :Walk, Sitting trot, Rising Trot, Working canter & Extended canter.

This riding simulator is the ultimate school master horse. He always maintains a perfect rhythm, tempo and balance. He never bucks or misbehaves. He can change pace with a nudge of the legs and a squeeze of the reins will make him slow and stop. He does exactly

what he is instructed to do all day long and never tires or breaks into a sweat!

Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of riding and keeping fit at the same time. Lessons can be structured to meet every riders needs in

our private heated and mirrored studio. This riding simulator is ideal for riders wishing to learn or improve their:

  • Walk, Sitting Trot, Rising Trot, Work without stirrups, collected canter, medium canter, cantering without stirrups, forward seat, jumping position, dressage seat and side saddle riding.
  • Riders who are fearful of the real horse, the mature rider, riders who have lost confidence and disabled riders will find Harry Junior of great benefit.

There are many more areas that will benefit from riding this horse Harry Junior and the team are also available for lecture / demonstrations, parties or social events etc. We aim to give new and experienced riders a great life-like lesson.

Fun Days & Friday Nights with Harry Junior!

Enjoy the experience of riding on “Harry Junior “one of the latest riding simulators, have your position assessed at the same time and take home an action plan for the future. Light refreshments included (but please feel free to bring a bottle – we will provide the glasses!)