I’m Janet Senior, the Author of: Adventures of Rosie Marie

What inspired me to write this book?


Well, as a child I experienced extreme difficulties reading and in those days the education system did not cater for children who had different learning levels, nor did it identify at that time with the word ‘dyslexia’.

Children’s books with detailed illustrations were my saviour to understanding a story!

Family members would read a book to me and I was inspired by the story told through the detail within the illustrations. My imagination would run wild and I would jump feet first into the picture and I was there in that moment!

The bond between humans and animals should never be underestimated and my journey through life has given me memories that I treasure.

Such memories are encountered in this book. Rosie Marie and the camaraderie between her and her animal friends are mixed together with personal experiences of fun and adventures enhanced with childhood imagination and make belief.

It was crucial to me that Rosie Maries adventures were told both in text format and through the detail captured within the illustrations. This was always at the front of my mind and of paramount importance to me as I wrote and sketched my way along.

I hope Rosie Maries journey will inspire the imagination and stimulate learning that will be enjoyed by children of various ages and I thrill at the thought of a child snuggled up enjoying the magic in the story as they read their way through the pages, and for those children who prefer to read through illustrations, jump feet first into the picture and be in the moment too!

Happy adventures everyone, enjoy!

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Friendships & Dreams

Rosie Marie lived in a small town in Yorkshire. Times were hard, and her parents found it a constant struggle to earn enough money to put food on the table, let alone keep the roof over their heads. It seemed there was little chance of things getting any better, until the day of the letter. Rosie Marie’s world is suddenly turned upside down. An unexpected change in her families circumstances sends Rosie Marie on a journey of adventure and magical discovery, where she encounters new and enchanting animal friends.

Friendships grow and their bond is strengthened in a time and place where dreams really can come true!

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Book Information:

Printed in the UK by B&B Press (Parkgate) Ltd, a Carbon Balanced printer, FSC certified and ISO 14001 accredited.
Size: A5 Portrait size
Cover: Anti-Scuff laminate
Text: Section Sewn, gathered with lined spine
Printed 4 colour process
LED UV throughout on; Galerie Silk, Olin Regular Natural White and Edixion Offset papers.
Case bound.